Allegiant Nanoled

Federal Signal Vama introduce the new ultra-low profile lightbar Allegiant NanoLED amber, designed to meet different needs in vehicles like garbage trucks, cleaners and sweepers, construction, road service and assistance, special convoys among others, offering high light intensity in an ultra-low profile with R65 class 2 approval.

ULTRA-LOW PROFILE: with a 51 mm reduced height and aerodynamic design, increases safety and reduces fuel consumption.

DIMENSIONS: available in lengths, 45″, 53″.

NANOLED TECHNOLOGY: integrated LED lights provide high intensity with R65 class 2 approval.

CONFIGURATION: preconfigured models with extension lights or front and rear illuminated LEDs sign

CAN BUS / ANALOGIC: the functions from the lightbar can be controlled by CAN BUS control head or via an analog input box.