Road Safety Arrow

LED signs

Federal Signal Vama presents Road Safety Arrow, a foldable LEDs panel, high-tech, great lighting and designed to provide big visibility, even in fast roads, with vehicles getting closer at a high speed.

Due to its excellent LED light lighting, Road Safety Arrow range has been designed both to help to control traffic when the emergency vehicle is parked, and also when the situation requires to alert and manage traffic from long distances.

EASY INSTALLATION. All models have a roof standard connector and CANBUS technology, which minimizes vehicle installation.
FAST PANEL OPENING AND CLOSING SYSTEM. Fast opening/closing system, lasting just 25 seconds to be completely opened / closed.
SIGNALMASTER. When approaching at operation or at emergency zone, a Signalmaster function reinforces security around perimeter vehicle, adding an excellent light coverage to the LED panel.
ALERT SOUND SYSTEM WHEN OPENING AND CLOSING THE PANEL. To alert the worker from any panel movement, avoiding risks and increasing security.
VEHICLE BATTERY CONTROL SYSTEM. It exists 3 battery states. In the last state, a short whistling sound is emitted every 30 seconds, to warn about the low battery level available.
EMERGENCY SYSTEM TO OPEN/CLOSE THE PANEL. It incorporates 2 emergency opening / closing buttons, in case the panel should be suddenly interrupted. If necessary it also provides a manual opening system.
EXCEPTIONAL LIGHTING. As Road Safety Arrow is compound of 19 lights made of 21 LED lights + 10 Microled Advance along the panel, is one of the most illuminated arrow warning systems that currently exists in the market, clearly magnifying the vehicle’s presence (up to 3 Km distance), and therefore, increases security and reduces risk.
MODERN AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN. Its high quality workmanship and appearance, together with the simetric lights and Microled Advance arrangement, makes Road Safety Road have an attractive design and assures that can be seen efficiently both during the day and at night.

Technical specifications
  • Power Supply: 12V
  • Operating Temperature: -20ºC a 50ºC
  • Maximum opening / closing current: 8.7 Amp. / 5.7 Amp.
  • Maximum current with all the lights ON (Cross + all blue lights + SignalMaster solaris): 7,5 Amp
  • Colour of perimetral lights: blue or amber
  • Colour of arrow lights: amber
  • Colour of reflective stripes: white-red, white-blue, blue or red, yellow
  • Foldable panel, opening duration time: 25 seg.
  • Foldable panel, closing duration time: 25 seg.
  • Weight: 64 kg without brackets 77,2 kg with brackets