Microled Plus Series

Directional LEDs Lights

MicroLed Plus is an ultra-compact high intensity LED light inspired on MicroLed Sputnik. Its new design incorporates the latest technological advances and provides improved high-luminosity, high dissipation capacity and watertightness. Jointed with the external flasher MLP-F4 MicroLED Plus complies with the European Regulation R65, category X.
The MicroLed Plus, formed by 4 3W Sputnik LEDs is a steady burn light, which can be connected to different FSV products, like controllers ICS, siren-amplifiers, Intelli flashers, FA3 flashers, etc. Its small size makes this light the flattest on the market, facilitating the installation on any surfaces. The external flasher MLP offers connection up to 4 or 8 MicroLeds Plus, 8 flash patterns and 2 channels. This flasher unit could be controlled by external switches.
The MicroLed Plus and the MLP-4F/MLP-8F flasher are multivoltage models, which provide the greater versatility.
2 mounting kits and different colour versions are available.

Technical specifications
  • Voltage: Multivoltage (10-30 V)
  • Average consumption (Flashing mode): 1,6 Amp (12V), 0,8 Amp (24V)
  • Dimensions: 138 x 51 x 21 mm