Phoenix Series


Revolutionary compact and versatile lightbar, designed for high-priority, complementary and acoustic signalling. The smoothed design of the lateral lenses provides better aerodynamics and watertightness.

Phoenix ROC Solaris series is formed by a high-efficiency PC board with integrated microprocessor, 15 high-luminosity LED diodes of the latest generation, placed on the multivoltage (10-30V) PC board and a parabolic reflector that maximises the luminosity of the LEDs.

The Phoenix Series provide an extremely wide range of set-up options to meet the most demanding needs and requirements.
Lighting options: Takedown and Alley lights, Solaris LED modules, SmartSign programmable LED sign, and SignalMasters with Solaris LEDs.
Acoustic options: 30 W compact sirens, 100 W speakers, siren amplifiers and Integrated Control Systems.

Technical specifications
  • Voltage: 12-24V
  • Dimensions: 400 - 1800 x 265 x 114 mm (without speaker) 400 - 1800 x 314 x130 mm (with speaker)
  • Available dimensions: 400 mm Mini lightbar 800,900,1000, ... - 1800 mm"
  • Solaris LEDs colours: blue, amber, red, white
  • Speaker colours: white or black