LED Signs

The LSG700 sign is a foldable and programmable LED sign, with capacity for 200 totally programmable messages. The length of messages is up to eight lines with ten characters.
It is controlled through LCD702 control head, with LCD screen and selection keys. It allows, through a simple menu system, to select and previsualize the message before it appears in the LED sign.
Through the SmartSign Message Editor PC software, it is easy to edit and unload the 200 messages to the control head. It allows to program letters, numbers and symbols (arrows, square, etc.). In addition, it has a wide library of the most usual messages in different countries.


Technical specifications
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Number of programmable messages: 200
  • Number of lines by message: 8
  • Number of characters in display: 10
  • Character size: 75 x 44 mm
  • Matrix size: 7 x 5 LEDs
  • LED colour: red
  • LED diameter: 5 mm
  • Radiation angle: 15º
  • Dimensions: Screen size= 506 x 86 mm Control head = 50 x 12 mm
  • Wieght: Sign size 2850 g Control head 140 g