Atenea System

This is an integrated system that controls all the systems of signalling, surveillance, etc. in an emergency and/or services vehicle. This system makes it possible to control all the lighting and acoustic devices, communications, data management and analysis, make audio and video recordings, etc. in the most adverse environmental and visibility conditions. The ATENEA system comprises various applications that help emergency professionals in their daily management:

FED RECOGNITION, an automatic license plate recognition ALPR.

FED LAWENFORCEMENT, an application for fines management.

FED COM, an application for vehicle communications management.

FED RADIO, a commercial radio application.

FED VISION, a high definition video and audio recording.

FED NAVIGATION, in order to define exact vehicle position at any time.

FED EMERGENCY, to control light and acoustic vehicle signalisation.

Atenea System

Atenea integrated management System for emergency and service vehicles