Quality, Mission & Values


 Providing Products and Services to Protect People and Our Planet.


We operate with the highest principles and deliver results through customer focus, innovation, continuous improvement, teamwork and investing in our people.


The main aim of FEDERAL SIGNAL VAMA is to achieve the complete satisfaction of its customers and obtain strong profits on the products manufactured and services rendered.

FEDERAL SIGNAL VAMA develops products, integrated solutions and services that respond to growing customer demands for safety, reliability and suitability for use.

The quality of the products manufactured and services rendered are the foundation of our future. Our commitment to legal and regulatory requirements fully ensures HIGH QUALITY in all the departments of our organisation through the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, processes, products, services and staff training, thereby creating a working environment that implicates staff and suppliers in achieving these objectives.

FEDERAL SIGNAL VAMA will ensure that this policy is communicated, implemented and maintained by its staff, and has the necessary resources, within an optimal environment, to ensure that all the activities are carried out in optimal conditions.


FEDERAL SIGNAL VAMA is ISO 14001 certified since 2017, being one of the basic principles of our environmental policy the preservation of the environment and the reduction of environmental impacts derived from our activity.

In addition to supervising, controlling and optimizing energy resources and waste management, as well as the prudent, efficient and rational use of natural resources, F. S. Vama carefully monitors facilities to ensure that our operations comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, both at local, community, state and European level.

Regarding the review of our impact on the environment, during the last three years, our efforts have focused on recycling waste for maximum recovery through recovery and taking improvement actions in our facilities with the aim of reduce waste as much as possible. To this end, a program focused on:

– Maximum recovery of waste through its recovery.
– Reduce waste from packaging contaminated with dangerous substances.

Maximum recovery of waste through its recovery

Reduce waste from packaging contaminated with hazardous substances

At the same time, progress has been made in reducing waste that is introduced into the market:

Prioritize packaging with recycled material (cardboard).



The aim of Federal Signal Vama S.A. is to maximise Quality levels in all departments of its organisation.

As a company certified according to ISO 9001, we guarantee our commitment to Quality.

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