Prisioner Transport Kit

Prisioner Kit

Federal Signal Vama is proud to introduce our Prisoner Transport Kit. These kits are a proven system: quality engineered and constructed, bring the maximum advantages of safety and efficiency to your police vehicle. These taylor-made Kits are carefully developed, taking the most of your vehicle space, and giving the maximum service to the police officers. The Prisioner Transport Kit consists of: dividing shield, seat and floor, side panels, rear tray, rear dividig shield. Furthermore, the prisoner transport kit can be provided in 2 seats or 1 seat, maximizing the space in the vehicle and giving solution to each police fleet need.

The prisoner’s transport kits made by Federal Signal Vama offer the following added values:
COMPLETE VISIBILITY: Specially designed for each vehicle, the divider shield fits the car’s frame and allows full visibility of the area of prisoners.
ELECTRICAL VENTILATION: Prisoners area is ventilated by using special divider shield fans or taking advantage of vehicle ventilation system of each car model.
ERGONOMICS AND SAFETY: Seats design made with soft forms and without sharp angles or hard parts makes the equipment a safe injury-proof area.
SECURITY IN TRUNK AREA: The rear divider shield separates the rear passengers from truck area, increasing the security.
INTEGRATED CONTROL SYSTEM: The CKS CANBUS control system allows managing from single units (control head) all the elements of the prisoner transport kit as well as the rest of integrated warning elements as lights and sound.
SECURITY SYSTEM: The integrated battery system allows the opening of doors in case of accident, through of an emergency stop button.