Threesixty Series


The ThreeSixty Series provides a new light on safety
A complete range of beacons to meet all vehicle and materials handling warning light requirements. The Threesixty Series are available in LED beacons. Manufactured for ease of installation and long life, these superior warning lights combine light intensity and rigidity with low energy consumption features.
The Threesixty Series is designed for road vehicle use and will meet the requirements of most vehicle types. All our vehicle beacons are manufactured with high strength optically engineered polycarbonate domes that have no dark spots or shadows and meet or exceed European and International Standards for Light Output and Electromagnetic interference.
(UN R65, UN R10 & EMC).
All models are available in either permanent, DIN, flexible DIN or magnetic mount.

LED Model
The LED beacon range offers the high performance and efficiency of Solaris Technology. Traditional light systems spread it in a random direction, LED Solaris Technology reflects a strong light beam where is needed most, on a wide angle, avoiding dark spots. Its parabolic reflector and last generation LED diodes maximize LED light intensity. A flash rate of 120 per minute ensures high output signal either by day or night with a very low energy consumption, thanks to LED Solaris Technology. LED models are prepared for working in a high-vibration and high-use environments (more than 240 hours per month), and meet IP protection against water. Threesixty Series Led beacons offer substantially longer service life than other types of beacons, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance expenses.

Standard Features:

  • Advanced Optical Engineering
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Polycarbonate durable construction
  • 2 year Warranty
  • EMC & UN R10
  • 12/24vDC Bi Tension models
  • Cable Attached