This section includes safety gun-Locks, professional flashlights, lights for reading documents inside the vehicle, supports and cones, back-up alarms, lighting devices and relays, foldable blankets, beacons, fire extinguishers, vehicle stop systems and Airel, the Illuminated Thermal and infrared Identification System.

Rechargeable Flashlights

L560 / L570 compact flashights

Compact LED flashlights, high-perfomance and long-range _________ New product 2020: L570

Serie L500

Made of a material highly resistant to impacts, rain-tight and high-brightness.
New product 2020: L510

L550C Series

Capacitors flashlight, high performance, and ultra-fast charging in only 6 minutes

Reading Lamps


Ideal for displaying maps and documents in low light conditions

Control Units

SW Series

Modular switches, commutators and push-buttons designed for vehicles and motorcycles


Powerful and practical electronic megaphone, withAA type batteries, long range

Back-up Alarms

Back-up alarms

Ideal for use in vehicles such as reverse signal intermittent or continuous motion


Smart Spike System

Intelligent system with two functions: speed bump and stopping vehicles by means of retractable spikes

Face Shield

Face protection screen for reduce risk of contagion

Ozone Cannon

Vehicle disinfection system using an Ozone cannon, GP8-E and GP16-E models.

Work Tape with Holder

Allows delimit areas freely thanks to the tape reel holder that makes it easy to operate.

Head Cones Tape

The head with retractable tape for cones allows to delimit any area freely and increase security in the delimited area.

Flashers and relays

Available is a wide range of flashers for LED andhalogenlights


Police equipment for road signalization, cones, foldable blankets and fire extinguishers.


Device designed for the detention of vehicles through an extensible skewers barrier