Integrated Warning Light System

FEDERAL SIGNAL VAMA offers the New Integrated Warning system QUASAR, a revolutionary Solaris technology lighting system completely integrated into the roof, provides high visibility through 360 degrees of emergency vehicle with high light power, increasing visibility and reducing risks. The lights integration into the roof give the vehicle aerodynamics and modernity.

R65 T IN FRONT MODULE: The front module is designed to meet the R65 Regulation in category T, so there is no need to homologate rear module as well.
BICOLOR TECHNOLOGY: Dual color models available provide the ability to change priority lights color (amber-blue) according to end user requirements.
ULTRA-LOW PROFILE: Its low profile and unique in the market with less than 150mm high, minimizing wind resistance and giving this product a particularly attractive apearence.
UNIQUE DESIGN: The QUASAR System exclusive design has the European Union registration number 2455956 and is for the exclusive use of FEDERAL SIGNAL VAMA.
LOW MAINTENANCE COST: A removable and water proof lens allow fast and efficient module substitution in the event of an incident , reducing maintenance cost and increases vehicle availability.
VENTILATION SYSTEM: A fan system prevents condensation from being deposited on the inside of lenses, ensuring full light output emission, even under adverse weather conditions.
SPLIT ROOF: The Quasar roof is composed by two separate sections, front and rear, providing great versatility to the whole system, by enabling the optimal composition of elements in the vehicle for each emergency service.
SOLARIS LED LIGHT Solaris LED reflector design to significantly maximize the LED light source for 360º vehicle perimeter.