Market Segments

Federal Signal Vama is the European leader in its sector and it is present throughout Europe thanks to its are more than 40 distributors and 90 technical services.


Federal Signal Vama endeavours to reduce risk and increase security for the Emergency Services professionals. Federal Signal Vama has designed an integrated solution system for Emergency service vehicles, providing control and management of visual warning, audible warning and communication systems. The system also has high definition video recording with simultaneous high quality audio recording, licence plate recognition for stolen and uninsured vehicle detection, plus a fine management facility and a fleet management system.

Federal Signal Vama provides integrated solutions for law enforcement and emergency service organizations throughout Europe, offering all the products and services required for their emergency vehicle. This ensures the vehicle occupants a fast, safe journey to all emergency situations.

The prisoner kit comprises of a seat, floor, dividing screen and door panels. This isolates the rear passenger area from the driver and front passenger area. Due to the materials used the rear passenger area can be cleaned with a water pressure washer. A previous ergonomic study allows us to set up the rear part of the vehicle, maintaining police officers comfort on the front part.


Federal Signal Vama’s solutions related to the fire and ambulance market help achieve rapid response in emergency situations. Technical solutions such as Quasar, an integrated warning light system, offers emergency service personnel an innovative integrated system helping them with their daily duties.


Federal Signal Vama also caters for the Heavy Duty market. Manufacturing and supplying products for use in quarries, construction, harbors, airports, road maintenance, agriculture, cleaning services, special convoys and many more.