Head Cones Tape


The head with retractable tape for cones allows to delimit any area freely and increase security in the delimited area.

The head contains a retractable tape that reaches 3 meters and allows to be attached to other heads, creating barriers for the delimitation of certain areas. Furthermore, the special design of the retractable tape makes it possible to unfold without undue stress or damage.

FLEXIBLE: It allows to delimit areas efficiently and freely creating barriers according to the circumstances, being able to use an unlimited number heads.

RESISTANT TAPE: The width of the belt is 50mm and its thickness provides strength and durability preventing it from turning or turning due to weather conditions wear.

VERSATILE: The support is adaptable for cones also allowing the extraction of the head and the insertion of chains in the sides

ADAPTABLE: The head size prevents the surface from wobbling and does not require cones with the reinforced surface.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Customizable ribbon. (Minimum order quantities required).

RUGERIZED: Drop and fall resistant.