Use emergency vehicles public address

Proper use of emergency vehicles public address system

Dear customers,

We sincerely hope that both you and your families are well.

In the current state of alarm, due to COVID-19, an increase in the use of public address systems in emergency vehicles has been detected.

Some of them have not been designed for prolonged use in terms of message duration and continuous use, since specific systems such as our personal megaphone model A12SA (# 2020118) already exist for this.

To avoid premature deterioration of these public address systems integrated in our siren amplifiers, we recommend making messages with a duration of not more than 1 minute and with pauses between messages of not less than 10 seconds. It is important that during the pause the PTT button is not kept pressed as well as that the PTT button is not pressed quickly and repeatedly in very short periods of time.

Additionally, we remind you that only radio stations can be connected to the radio telephone connection inputs of our siren amplifiers, the connection and use of other audio devices can cause damage to the siren amplifiers