Federal Signal Vama introduces the new configurable Allegiant lightbar with dual color LED technology, ultra low-profile and aerodynamic design for emergency vehicles. Built with our exclusive SpectraLux® multicolor LED technology, it provides optimal warning signaling capability and offers the possibility to change the color of the light source. With our Solaris® LED reflector technology, it maximizes the LED light source to eliminate dark spots and distribute true 360° light coverage. Completely modular design provides multiple configurable lighting options and the possibility to select the color of the top cover of the lightbar.

  • ULTRA-LOW PROFILE LIGHTBAR (51 mm): aerodynamic design, improves safety and reduces consumption.
  • LENGTHS: available in various lengths, 45”, 53”, 61” y 70”.
  • MULTICONFIGURABLE: completely configurable LED light bar, with multiple dual color combinations for lighting functions.
  • PROGRAMMABLE: through software allows customization and synchronization of functions and flash patterns, without the need for additional devices or product manipulation.
  • SPECTRALUX®: the multicolor LED technology allows the color of the LEDs to change between red, blue, amber, white and green (up to two in each module) according to the preferred configuration.
  •  SOLARIS®: the LED reflector technology maximizes the distribution of the light beam in the 360º surrounding the vehicle, avoiding the appearance of shadows and eliminating dark spots.
  • AUTO-DIMMING SENSOR: thanks to the photocell sensor, the day/night function is performed automatically, adapting the existing light conditions at any moment.
  • ANALOGIC AND CAN BUS: available with analog and CAN BUS control system.