Led sign

The LSG750 is a CAN BUS foldable and programmable LED sign, with two levels of light intensity (day/night) and capacity for 200 totally programmable messages.
In addition the LSG750 2N version includes 2 integrated NanoLEDs in vertical position with flash pattern and cruise light.
LSG752 model includes the same electronic features as the LSG750, but with a vertical mounting system.
The LSG750/752 sign range are controlled through the BCT3009, with LCD screen and selection buttons. It allows, through a simple menu system, to select and preview the message before it appears on the LED sign.
Through the SmartSign 2 Message Editor software, it is easy to edit and upload the 200 messages to the control head. It allows to program letters, numbers and symbols (arrows, square, etc.), and integrates scrolling and mirror effect message options. In addition, it has a wide library of the most usual messages in different countries.

LSG750 CB foldable ref. 2025583, BCT3009-21.
LSG750 CB foldable +2 Nanoled azul ref. 2025584, BCT3009-20.
LSG752 CB vertical ref. 2025587, BCT3009-22.
BCT3009 Control heads not included.