Intregated Sirens

The PA300-FSV electronic siren delivers exceptional performance and durability thanks to its integrated circuits and silicon transistors.
This siren offers multiple features such as peak-and- hold and TAP II, which enables the driver to change the siren tone via the vehicle’s horn ring or any remotely mounted switch. The public address includes a system to remove interference that provides high- quality voice reproduction.

The PA300-FSV series is approved according to the European Regulation R10.

Technical specifications
  • Voltage: 12-24 V
  • Output power speaker: 200 W
  • Dimensions: 194 x 156 x 59 mm
  • Weight: 2900 g
Siren tones
Sonido wailSonido wail
Sonido yelpSonido yelp
Sonido bitonalSonido bitonal