AS600 Series

Federal Signal Vama presents its new siren amplifier AS-600, the smallest of the Federal Signal Vama’s range. UN R10 approved, multivoltage.

COMPACT: Thanks to its small measures, the AS-600 siren amplifier can be integrated into a low profile lightbar.

MULTIVOLTAGE: The AS-600 siren amplifier, is multivoltage (10V-30V), and it can be connected to any equipment.

REPROGRAMBLE TONES: The tones of the AS-600 can be reprogrammed by FSVAMA and its distributors through an external communication program.

VERSATILITY: The AS-600 stands out for its great versatility in the way functions are activated. Both in analog mode, through switches, as in digital mode (CANBUS) with the corresponding controlheads, combining the use of these with the vehicle’s horn.

Siren tones
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