Geminis Series

Dual color and single color Led lights

Federal Signal Vama presents the new dual colour warning light Geminis Series, a single-coloured and dual-coloured omnidirectional priority light with LEDs technology, which allows combining 2 colours between blue-amber, blue-red and red-amber. Furthermore, all the models can be chosen with DIN permanent or magnetic mounting. The Geminis light manipulation can be done with a single hand, to increase simplicity and making it easy to use in all emergency situations.

All models meet R65 European Regulation Class 2 and are protected against water, according to IPX6 and IPX9.*

GEMINIS-B: Magnetic led light with batteries.

DUAL COLOUR TECHNOLOGY: Thanks to this advanced product range and its improved bicolour technology, the priority light Geminis allows to combine 2 colours from: blue – amber, blue – red and red-amber.

VERY COMPACT AND LIGHT: To guarantee its usage in an unexpected emergency situation, the magnetic version can be operated within one hand only, allowing a fast and simple setting.

360º LIGHT DISTRIBUTION: The applied technology and the special lens impression enables to maximize the beam light distribution in 360º around the vehicle, avoiding dark spots and shadows.

PHOTOCELL SENSOR:  Due to the photocell sensor included inside the Geminis magnetic version, the day/night function is changed automatically. This allows to be permanently adapted to lighting conditions at every moment.

SYNCHRONIZABLE: Geminis series allows the shyncronization with other warning lights of the same product range, as well as with other priority warning from Federal Signal Vama.

HIGH RESISTANCE: Polycarbonate and impact-resistant lens.

PROTECTION AGAINST WATER: Geminis Series complies with IPX6 and IPX9K water protection grades.

THERMAL PROTECTION: To avoid the overheating of the light due to high sun exposures, they include a thermal protection, a need in areas where the lights are exposed to extreme warm environments.

*(Geminis-B in process).

Technical specifications
  • VOLTAGE: Multivoltage 10-30V
  • AVERAGE CONSUMPTION: blue and amber 5.2A, red 4.4A (12V)
  • LEDS COLOURS: blue, amber and red
  • LENSES COLOUR: clear
  • Dimensiones: permanent 168 x diameter 129 mm, magnetic 147 x diameter 118 mm
  • weight: permanent 1,011 gr, magnetic 1,210 gr