Soundstar D Series

Compact sirens

The SCS1000 D compact siren is a powerful acoustic signalling system with built-in amplifier and loudspeaker in a single unit.

It is built of ABS with glass fibre and injected aluminium. The SCS1000 D siren includes 16 pre- programmed tones which are easy to select using the microswitches conveniently located on the back of the siren. The fuse is included also in the back. A mesh filter prevents solid particles from entering the siren, while a drainage system prevents the accumulation of water on the membrane. A rubber seal joint prevents water from entering the electronic circuits. It includes a vehicle mount system valid for  motorcycles or priority vehicles. Siren control is by external switches.

Soundstar is available as Standard or Neodymium versions.

Accessories include ALS1000 D (30 W compact loudspeaker), SCS1000-PA (Public address kit) and SCS1000-SBLOCK (anti-vibration kit).

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Power: 30 W + 30 W (with ALS1000)
  • Max. Consumed intensity: 3 Amp (1 speaker) 6 Amp (2 speaker)
  • Acoustic pressure to 2m, 13.8 V, two tones (1 speaker): 112.4 dBA
  • Acoustic pressure to 3.5m, 12 V, two tones (2 speaker): 112.3 dBA
  • Ohm: 6
  • Siren dimensions: 135 x 110 x 113 mm
  • Public address dimensions: 115 x 42 x 35 mm
  • Siren weight: 1185 g
  • Public adress kit weight: 60 g
  • (Español) Peso sirena y altavoz: 1250 g y 1135 g