Low profile lightbar with ROC Solaris technology and foldable led sign specially designed for applications where the signal through a text message or voice is essential.
Two levels of light allow multiple combinations of lights and colours, thereby optimizing the internal capacity of the lightbar without losing any option for auxiliary signalling.
It is equipped with one or two powerful foldable Led signs for front and/or rear legend.
The lightbar being Can Bus controlled, it can activated multiple programmable functions just by pressing a single button on the keypad.
Traffic Storm Series (priority lights in blue or amber) is approved for the European Regulation R65 and is according to European Directive 2004/10/EC on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Technical specifications
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • StandBy consumption: 0,3 Amp
  • Main warning lights, total average consumption: 3,2 A in flash, 0,5 in cruise light
  • Front modules (white light), average consumption: 1 A for module
  • Lateral modules (white light), average consumption: 0,5  A for module
  • Supplementary modules (amber light), average consumption: 1 A for module
  • Lighted sign, average consumption: 0,4 A for module
  • Complete rear and front foldable LED sign. LED Panel 630 LEDs. SignalMaster 288 LEDs: 3,2 A for panel + 1 A SignalMaster