SignalMaster Solaris

Directional warning lights

Federal Signal Vama presents the new ultra-low profile SignalMaster Solaris directional warning light. It offers an excellent results as an emergency light, thanks to its several flash patterns with different functions (day / night effect, fast / slow, scroll) to satisfy all needs. Its main features are:

– HIGH INTENSITY. The built-in Solaris technology onto SignalMaster directional warning light has exponentially increased light intensity compared to similar products on the market.

– EVERY NEED SOLUTIONS. SignalMaster Solaris has got 4 different flash patterns (right, left, centre-out sequences and middle-out flashing mode), and day / night*, slow / fast* and scroll function with a non-stop effect on a CAN BUS version.

– ULTRA-LOW PROFILE. Its low profile gives it less aerodynamic drag with less fuel consumption and better vehicle tire grip, for an increased security. Further more, it has an attractive design without losing any functionality and it allows easier installation in any vehicle.

– WATERPROOF HOUSING. Highly prepared to fight against most adverse weather conditions, thanks to its IP protection IPX9K.

* Features available on analogical version with SMC5 multifunction controller.


Technical specifications
  • Voltage: 10-30 V
  • Average consumption: 0,3 Amps módulo LED (12 V) SMLED 6/8 2,6 Amp (10 V) - 1,3 Amp (30 V) SMLED 6/8 KS 2,6 Amp (10 V) - 1,3 Amp (30 V) SMLED 8/11 CB 1,8 Amp (10 V) - 1,3 Amp (30 V)
  • Dimensions: 6- modules 800 x 32 x 68 mm 8-modules 1070 x 32 x 68 mm 8-CB modules 800 x 32 x 68 mm 11-CB modules 1070 x 32 x 68 mm
  • Weight: 6-modules = 705 g 8/11-modules = 940/995 g