Traffic Storm Plus

Federal Signal Vama presents the TRAFFIC STORM PLUS, the new low-profile lightbar with SMART POLICE SYSTEM, monocolour, bicolour and tricolour technology. Its modular architecture allows the integration of different options such as folding LED sign, 100W speaker and/or siren amplifier. All this through a single roof connector, reducing installation and maintenance cost.

A new design of the parabolic reflector offers a uniformity light, avoiding the appearance of shadows and reducing the risk in emergency situations.

An adjustable mounting kit facilitates its installation absorbing the vehicle’s roof curvatures.

  • SMART POLICE SYSTEM: It has ALPR cameras and video cameras.
  • BICOLOUR AND TRICOLOUR TECHNOLOGY: The new TRAFFIC STORM PLUS offers bicolour technology for the priority lights and tricolour technology for the secondary lights.
  • MODULAR: The modular design of the TRAFFIC STORM PLUS allows different options to be updated according to new requirements or scenarios.
  • SIREN + SPEAKER INTEGRATION: Possibility of integrating siren and speaker in the lightbar, thus helping to optimise installation and maintenance costs.
  • LED SIGN: Folding LED sign with front and/or rear 10-character legend. 200 user programmable messages with normal view, mirror, and maintenance costs.
  • INFRARED: Infrared light emergency signalling available.
  • ROOF CONNECTOR: Integration of all the available options through a roof connector, reducing installation and maintenance cost.
  • PHOTOCELL SENSOR: Thanks to the photocell sensor, the day/night function is activated automatically, always adapting to the existing light condition.
  • RESISTANT: The TRAFFIC STORM PLUS lightbar has been tested supporting relative speeds of 180 km/h with open and closed sign.