Nanoled Viper

Federal Signal Vama presents the NanoLED VIPER, the new internal warning LED lights, with a more compact and renewed design. The NanoLED VIPER incorporate 6 LED lights (SINGLE version) or 12 LED lights (DUAL version), providing higher light intensity and improving energy efficiency. Its range includes single color and dual color lights.

  • SINGLE COLOUR OR DUAL COLOUR: Its range includes single colour or dual colour lights.
  • MODELS R65 CLASS 1 AND CLASS 2: Its range includes models R65 approved in class 1 and class 2.
  • ORIENTATION OF THE LIGHT: It includes a lever to orient the light, allowing to be installed in any vehicle.
  • COMPACT: More compact and lighter (SINGLE: 80x45x118 mm; DUAL: 80x45x225 mm).
  • EASY TO USE: Plug & Play connection, through cigarette plug with a 2,7 m cable. Flash patterns could be changed just pushing a button.
  • HIGH INTENSITY: The LED lights included improve energy efficiency and light intensity, providing more security in vehicles when there is an emergency situation.
  • MULTITENSION: The NanoLED VIPER can be connected in 10-30V.