NanoLED Series

Directional Warning Lights

Federal Signal Vama introduces the new Nanoled series, the new and revolutionary ultra compact warning lights comprising of 6 LEDs. Thanks to its small size, light weight, easy installation and great light intensity, the Nanoled series break with standard products existing in the market, revealing a versatile installation and increasing security in emergency situations.
Nanoled series incorporate 6 multivoltage LED lights (10-30V), providing higher light intensity and improving energy efficiency. Its LED lights assure a long operational life, reducing maintenance costs and increasing vehicle’s life.
Its range includes single colour and dual colour lights, horizontal and vertical mount, both available with a variety of flash patterns, to correctly satisfy the different market needs.

EXTREMELY COMPACT. Especially designed to be lighter and more compact than ever.

THE HIGHEST INTENSITY. The 6 LED lights included in the Nanoled series improve energy efficiency and light intensity, providing more security in vehicles when there is an emergency situation.

SINGLE COLOUR OR DUAL COLOUR LIGHTS. Its range includes single colour (same colour for all 6 LEDs) or dual colour lights (3 LEDs in each colour).

LONG OPERATIONAL LIFE. Federal Signal Vama´s LED technology guarantees a long operational life for this supplemental warning light, reducing maintenance costs and vehicle’s life.

EASY AND VERSATILE INSTALLATION. Thanks to its reduced dimensions, weight and mounting accessories availability, its installation is very easy.
HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL ASSEMBLY. Available in horizontal and vertical R65 approved models.

SOLUTION FOR ANY MARKET NEEDS. As a result of having several light colours and due to its versatility, Nanoled series lights can be integrated in the grill, inside or outside the vehicle, in the trunk or in the vehicle´s rear part.

WATER PROTECTION. Follow protection certification IPX9K  IPX6.

CONNECTION SIMPLICITY. Nanoled’s installation only requires one cable and its installation is made from vehicle’s outside part.

SYNCHRONIZABLE. Nanoled series allows simultaneous or alternative synchronization up to 12 lights.

CRUISE LIGHT. Possibility of cruise light in the blue, red or amber models.

Technical specifications
  • Voltage: Multivoltage (10-30 V)
  • Number of  LEDs: 6 (single colour or dual colour)
  • Consumption 12 V flash pattern: 0,75 A
  • Consumption 24 V flash pattern: 0,45 A
  • Flash pattern (single colour): 7
  • Flash pattern (dual colour): 16
  • Operating temperature: -40ºC to 80ºC
  • Dimensions (with bezel): 107,5 x 27,5 x 9,3 mm
  • Dimensions (without bezel): 104 x 24 x 9,3 mm
  • Weight: 42 g