Sirens and Audible Warning

Emergency vehicles must have acoustic signalling systems to warn both vehicles and pedestrians of their presence. This section includes integrated control systems for emergency acoustic and lighting warning devices, siren amplifiers with and without loudspeakers, integrated sirens and compact speakers.

Electronic siren amplifiers

AS600 Series

Compact and versatile siren amplifier with CanBus and analog versions

AS400 Series

Integrates, in a configurable equipment, the control of priority lights, auxiliary lights, siren and public address

AS300 Series

A compact Canbus equipment that controls priority lights, auxiliary lights, siren and public address


Two synchronized 100W Canbus sirens with horn tone, International tones, day / night, and public address

AS200 Series

Electronic siren of 100W, totally water-resistant, tones according to version, day/night, without public address


Compact electronic siren with radio, public address, air-horn and international tones



Compact speaker, round ABS diffuser, superior performance, and lightweight neodymium motor 100W


High-performance speaker, rectangular ABS diffuser, and neodymium motor 100W

ALS1000 D Soundstar

Modern and compact speaker, ABS diffuser with fiberglass, and neodymium motor 30W


Dynamax offers a compact and powerful speaker with neodymium motor 100W


Compact, resistant and waterproof speaker, black plastic extrusion,with Neodymium motor 100W

Compact sirens

Soundstar D Series

SCS1000 D, compact modern siren with amplifier and speaker, Neodymium motor 30W  

ASX Series

One of the most compact and versatile sirens, available in different versions and configurations